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Mosquito Killer USB Inhalation


  • NGN: ₦4,900
  • GBP: £10
  • EUR: € 12
  • KES: K1,370
  • ZAR: R205
  • GHS: ₡118
  • XAF: Fr7,619
  • MUR: ₨518.43

The newly upgraded mosquito killer is designed with 1800rpm strong suction fan and advanced LED light source, effective for luring mosquitoes and sucking them into the lamp, they will dehydrate and eventually die; safe and nontoxic, the LED mosquito lamp adopts physical way to kill mosquitoes. No poisons, harmful chemicals or radiation, 100% safe for human bodies and pets, extremely eco-friendly and cost-effective insects control solution; easy to use and clean, powered by USB cable, can be plugged into any mobile power supply, computer or phone charger. Large capacity storage box makes it easy to remove for cleaning and disposing dead mosquitos by simple twisting.

E.g: size 30; medium size; green color; 6 by 6; etc


Home-use Electronics Non-radiation Repellent LED Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer USB Inhalation Mosquito Killer


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