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Seller Protection

Selling goods or services online can be risky, especially if they’re highly valuable, because you’ll generally be dealing with people you don’t know or trust.

Using marketAfrica, we verify the Buyer’s identity and verify the funding during the transaction. After the funds are secured, we will notify you to ship the item(s) to the Buyer. During this process if available, you may be required to provide us with tracking information. We use this information to make sure the Buyer receives their item and can’t claim otherwise. After the Buyer receives and Accepts the item, marketAfricka releases the funds to you.

Buyer Protection

Buying an item or service online from an entity you don’t know comes with a lot of risk. You can’t ascertain how trustworthy the entity is, and you run the risk of being defrauded. offers you the peace of mind you need to make any purchase. We’ll not release the funds to the Seller until you have received the item and are satisfied with the transaction.

In summary, We won’t release payment to the Seller until you’ve accepted the goods or until the agreed-upon inspection period by you has expired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, marketAfricka is completely genuine and safe, a flagship service of JVmorris Communications Limited with affiliations and alliances across Africa small, medium, large enterprises & the consumer protection commissions.

It is essential to note that is secure and  routed via “”.

However, for most cases it’s a false alarm from your browser.

Follow any of the steps below to fix before you proceed:

No, there are no payments before and after for complaints and to receive responses.

Response time is capped at 24-48hrs. In the event that there is no response after 48hrs, marketAfricka will contact the business directly for a response, hence escalating to Consumer Protection Commission.

Yes, For the Standard package, it’s one Dollar ($1) per year only;  Or for the Premium package, only one Dollar ($1) per month.

Features & benefits differ. 

You are free to add your category or use the feedback form below to reach us, our turn-around time is within 24hours.

  • Buyer and seller agree on terms.
  • Buyer submit payment to marketAfricka.
  • Seller delivers goods or services to the buyer.
  • Buyer inspects & approves goods or services.
  • marketAfricka releases payment to the seller or vendor.

Payment to you (seller) is within 24-48hrs in the case of no defect or complaint from the buyer.

No hidden charges.
marketAfricka will only hold 2% less of total transactions to cover third party transaction fees.

For example, One Thousand Naira (N1,000) goods,  Nine Hundred and Eighty Naira (N980), will be released to the seller.

The seller or vendor arranges delivery of goods.

In this case, your money will be transferred back to you (the buyer) within 24-72hrs, if the seller is not able to correct the defect. marketAfricka will only hold 2% of total payment to cover third-party fees. 

For example, One Thousand Naira (N1,000) total payment,  Nine Hundred and Eighty Naira (N980), will be transferred back to you (the buyer) by marketAfricka.

The buyer pays for delivery of goods to the desired destination.

Yes, your Store can be featured and positioned to appear first amongst others. Also, depending on what you want, social media advertisements/marketing is also available.

Kindly use the form below to reach us for more information.

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